Currently – Jan 14, 2020


Affirmation of the Week

[Tweet “In all things, God and the universe are my support and supply. They never fail.”]


The Stats

Time: 09:12 A.M.
Feeling: Unsettled but at peace.
Eating / Drinking: Peppermint Tea.
Watching / Listening to: Nothing.
Missing: My niece
Wishing: For positivity and more opportunities 
Should Be Doing: A whole heap of shit.
Reading:  The Alchemist
Thinking: I’ve got this.
Talking to: Aunty Sade.
Plotting: These next few weeks of visitors!
Anticipating: Sam and Ellis visiting!
Loving: That every day is a fresh start.

The Goals


This Week

  • 4 day gym week.
  • Complete blog list.
  • Figure out my hair.
  • Purchase bed for spare room.
  • Homework assignment from Coach Natalie.
  • Read through entries for next month’s post series.



Last Week

  • TBA



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