Currently – Feb 12

The Stats

Time: 11:19 A.M.
Feeling: A little self-defeated. Didn’t eat very well this weekend, so I’m bloated as all hell.
Eating / Drinking: Seltzer Water.
Listening to: Sam Smith – Nirvana.
Missing: My self-discipline. Where art thou?
Wishing: I could see results. Without the major restrictions.
Should Be Doing: My to-do list.
Reading: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
Thinking: Positive thoughts, because Lord knows I want to be a Negative Nancy right now.
Talking to: Mr. Smith.
Plotting: YouTube Video!
Anticipating: PAY DAY. I over did it this round. Not sure how, but my bank account is not happy with me.
Loving: The Crew. Your emails and dm’s have been amazing this week! Your support means so much.

The Goals


This Week

  • 6 day work out week. The 5 I am supposed to do, plus the one I didn’t do last week.
  • Get my “How To Find A Therapist Guide” up and posted.
  • Put together a workout plan to stick to.
  • Release newsletter post.
  • Find a new book to read.
  • Contact C10 Participants. Let’s try again.
  • Put up new affirmations around the house.
  • Plan out mini vacation.



Last Week

  • 5 day work out week, no more slacking! – Womp, womp. Only did 4.
  • Be consistent with my blog posts this week. One more to post! – Completed! Read the latest here!
  • Meal prep on tonight. – Completed!
  • Contact C10 Participants. Let’s try again. – Sigh… I can explain!
  • Prepare a newsletter post. – In the works, not complete yet!
  • Find a new book to read. – Found a few!
  • Do my Bloggers YouTube video. – Yeah, my hair wasn’t done… but this week!


Current Mantra / Affirmation

“I know my worth and I have no problem stating my worth.”

I know my worth, but I definitely do not know how to state it. When it comes to the salary talk. When it comes to speaking engagements. Or even when it comes to things I know I deserve, speaking up about it makes me very uncomfortable. But closed mouths do not get fed.

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