Currently – Dec 17

Current Mantra / Affirmation

I’m starting to see a lot of other bloggers adopt these Currently posts of mine, so figured I’d come back to my space to rejoin them! These past couple of weeks have been a blur of fulfilling Mission: Self-Love orders and just trying to make it through this shitty season of SAD. To be real, I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around. So this week, I am trying to be a little more conscious of the energy I am putting out, because what you put out, is what you receive (or at least hope to receive). I hate having other people’s shitty energy rub off on me, and the other evening while Mr. Smith was trying to sniff out what kind of day I had, I realized my own energy wasn’t the best.

So today’s affirmation is:

[Tweet “I radiate good vibes, and good vibes only. I keep my personal space warm with love, kindness, and gratitude. “]

The Stats

Time: 08:24 A.M.
Feeling: Energetic. A.M. workouts are the key!
Eating / Drinking: Peach Tea!
Watching / Listening to: Nothing.
Missing: Nothing today!
Wishing: I could maintain this good streak with the gym! I’m going to try though!
Should Be Doing: Work, work!
Reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama.
Talking to: Mika Mika.
Plotting: These last 3 days of work. Hallelujah!
Anticipating: My period ending because… sex. Yes I said it. We’re all grown here.
Loving: All these new orders for my recently released affirmation cards. I’m so happy you guys love them!


The Goals


This Week

  • Keep home office clean.
  • Hang up pictures.
  • Finish Christmas Shopping.
  • Pack for London.
  • Head to bootcamp 4 times this week.



Last Week

  • N/A




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