Currently – April 8

The Stats

Time: 01:24 P.M.
Feeling: A little all over the place. So much going on right now.
Eating / Drinking: Lemon Zinger Tea.
Watching / Listening to: Abraham Hicks videos.
Missing: Nothing at the moment.
Wishing: For the confidence to help get these next few initiatives I have planned off the ground!
Should Be Doing: Emails.
Reading:  “The Universe Has Your Back” – Gabrielle Bernstein
Thinking: I’m going to get through this to do list today. I am going to!
Talking to: Nancy.
Plotting: This product launch. Stay tuned!
Anticipating: The day I can finally hire some help. YOUR GIRL NEEDS HELP!
Loving: Baby Aaliyah. I’M AN AUNTY, GUYS!


The Goals


This Week

  • Self-promotion challenge daily this week.
  • 4 days of boot camp. Two separate legs days on my own.
  • Finally break this damn plateau.
  • Script daily.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Send out giveaway boxes.
  • Figure out international shipping.
  • Figure out price point on new products and services.
  • Make banana bread for Mr. Smith.
  • Purchase flight for Chicago and Jamaica.



Last Week – 4/7 Completed!

  • Get back into my bootcamp routine and intermittent fasting routine. – DONE!
  • Write two blog posts. (WRITE… not post). – Written, but I don’t like them!
  • Get back into scripting daily. – Ha.
  • Finish the rest of my April set up:
    • Review of my Quarter 1. – Done
    • Content and Social Media calendar for YettiSays. – Done
  • Finish last edits of next newsletter. – Yeah… nope.
  • Review and send out MSL-Uncensored testers. – Sigh. No.



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  1. Looks a lot like my day to day lists, I just have a smaller book and smaller writing lol. Congratulations on being an Auntie!

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