Currently – Apr 9

The Stats

Time: 11:27 A.M.
Feeling: Annoyed. Exhausted. Overwhelmed.
Eating / Drinking: Nothing.
Watching / Listening to: Nothing.
Missing: a vacation. About to run away to Cancun.
Wishing: People were more cognizant of everything that I have on my plate.
Should Be Doing: Meeting with Erin. But she understands that I am stressed right now, so rain check!
Reading: Power of Habit and Grit.
Thinking: I want a pause button, damn it.
Talking to: Work folk.
Plotting: This to-do list. I need more hours in the day.
Anticipating: A break.
Loving: Me… for not cussing anyone out this morning at the gym :).

The Goals


This Week

  • Figure out center piece arrangements.
  • Edit 2 of the 3 video shot this past weekend.
  • Email Brittany.
  • Set up bridal dress appointments.
  • Hit the gym for 4 hardcore workouts this week.
  • Find web-designer.
  • Grocery Shop & meal prep.
  • Stick to new skin care regime this week.



Last Week

  • Figure out video for next week. – Done. And recorded!!
  • Do. My. Damn. Taxes. – Done!
  • Email Tasia. – DOOOOONNNNEEEE
  • Work with Brittany on Social Media Strategy – Not complete.
  • Get Brittany set up on all Certified 10 accounts. – Done.
  • 5 workout sessions, 2 stretching days. – 3 workout sessions, 4 stretching days.
  • Create new Gym workout plan. – Done.

5/7 – Getting better


Current Mantra / Affirmation

[Tweet “I know how to set boundaries, and my friends and family respect them.“]


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