Currently – Apr 3 + Monthly Goals

It’s April. Even though the year just began yesterday. Great.

I’ve been struggling this year to keep a handle on all the different aspects of my life. There’s my “Work Life” which is important (I guess), but only because it pays the bills and funds my “Passions Life”. My “Passions Life” consists of all things blogging and side-hustles. You know, the things I’m trying to work on to supplement my 9-5, and maybe possibly replace my 9-5. Then there is the “Love Life” which will always be the good kind of work, and then there is my “Best Life Ever” which starts from within and taking care of both my physical and mental wellness, so I can properly succeed at the other three. So in other words, I’m a tad bit overwhelmed and unbalanced. And after much thought and self-reflection, I’ve determined the reason why is because I lack discipline.

So this month, discipline is my main focus.

  • Discipline in what I do with my day and making time to work on my side-hustles (productively).
  • Discipline in what I choose to consume (food, media, etc).
  • Discipline in my self-love journey, because that void ain’t going anywhere!
  • Discipline with my health, because best life ever!

[one-half-first align=”left”][box-1 align=”left”]MENTAL HEALTH

  • Journal more on happy days, not just when shit hits the fan.
  • Only step on scale once a week, because sanity.
  • Be more intentional with affirmations.
  • Avoid engaging in negative self-talk.
  • SLEEP. Yetti. For more than 4 hours.
  • Create REASONABLE to-do lists.[/box-1]

[one-half align=”left”][box-1 align=”left”]PASSION PROJECTS

  • Outline the next two series for Certified 10.
  • Review first draft of Certified 10 website revamp.
  • Get back on the newsletter schedule.
  • Revisit and rework Certified 10 business plan to reflect new direction.
  • Finalize merchandise items.
  • Stick to posting schedule.[/box-1]


[one-half-first align=”left”][box-1 align=”left”]HEALTH & WELLNESS

  • 40 days of working out with the bestie (rest days = stretching days)
  • Stick to a meal plan for 30 days
  • No ordering food.
  • Only step on scale once a week.
  • Incorporate more running and HIIT into workouts
  • Get personal trainer… and listen to them[/box-1]

[one-half align=”left”][box-1 align=”left”]MISCELLANEOUS

  • Read two books.
  • Finalize bridal shower location and attendees.
  • Book / reserve birthday vacation.
  • Stick to budget (side-eyes self).
  • Spend more time with my friends.
  • Continue recording weight-loss journey.
  • Be more focused at work. [/box-1]


The Stats

Time: 2:50 P.M.
Feeling: Antsy.
Eating / Drinking: Water. Because I just ate plantain chips and my stomach is acting up.
Watching / Listening to: Nothing.
Missing: Delli. Though we chat every day. But we need a bestie date!
Wishing: I could just have some fucking discipline. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE!
Should Be Doing: Lol… work?
Reading: Power of Habit. Reading and via Audible because this dummy forgot to cancel after her trial!
Thinking: I really need to do work.
Talking to: Jasmine via work IM.
Plotting: The Gym, tonight. Before Therapy. God Help me.
Anticipating: Next C10 meeting with Brittany!
Loving: Mr. Smith.

The Goals


This Week

  • Figure out video for next week.
  • Do. My. Damn. Taxes.
  • Email Tasia.
  • Work with Brittany on Social Media Strategy
  • Get Brittany set up on all Certified 10 accounts.
  • 5 workout sessions, 2 stretching days.
  • Create new Gym workout plan.



Last Week

  • Take the plunge and post the weight loss post. – Yeahhh not happening. Sorry guys!
  • Email Tasia the details for C10 stuff. FOR REAL THIS TIME! – It’s in the drafts!!!!!
  • Meal prep and hit my 4 day workout week. – Done!
  • Get back on schedule with the blogging. – Done!
  • Plan out April’s content calendar. – Done!
  • Secure bridal shower location. – Between 3 places. Waiting on the Bride’s Mama to approve.
  • Reach out to a contributors for new series. (Men Says coming back!) – Nope
  • Record Q&A video – Done! Posting tomorrow!
  • Secure Hawaii hotel / resort. – Needed to get paid.
  • Do my damn taxes. – Lol yeah, about that.

4/10 – yeah, you don’t have to say it


Current Mantra / Affirmation

[Tweet “I have the power to exercise discipline.“]


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