Currently 9/8


Time: 9:03AM
Mood: Cranky
Eating / Drinking: This nasty ass cleanse juice. Let’s see if I can stick to it this time…
Listening to: Wikzid Radio [ Omo Naija! ]
Missing: A friend. So much.
Wishing: To figure shit out within my near future.
Doing: A status report, why the fuck do we still have to do this?! [ insert cranky yetti groan and mumbles ]
Should be doing: Coding… ugh! I’m behind on work.
Reading: The Magic, or at least trying to.
Thinking: Just gotta make it to 7PM Yetti, you can do this.
Talking to:  Myself
Current affirmation: My heart is always open and I radiate love.
Plotting: How I’m going to tackle this week’s to-do list. Bit off far more than I can chew.
Anticipating: [ Can’t believe I’m saying this ] Seeing my therapist. I need some answers lady!
Loving: My family. Mummy, Daddy, Tots, Tola & Abiola, I’m so fucking grateful for you guys!


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