Currently – 9/27

Time: 4:46 PM
Feeling: Extremely tired. That gym workout is ruining me.
Eating / Drinking: Water & apple slices.
Listening to: Chris Brown ft Trey Songz – Songs On 12 Play
Missing: This weekend, it was perfect.
Wishing: I fully stretch out my arms without any pain.
Should be doing: Sending last minute passive aggressive emails.
Reading: Nothing. But ordered like 12 books last week because… shopping problem.
Thinking: There are a few folks I need to distance myself from, and fast. Not everyone who is present is for me. I don’t need to accept their energy or presence.
Talking to: No one.
Current affirmation: I am more than satisfied with the blessings in my life.
Plotting: [ cues 26 items from the idea sheet – again]
Anticipating: Next weekend.

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Question of the day: How do you protect yourself from negative energy?


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