Currently – 9/19

Time: 12:17 PM
Feeling: So fucking happy.
Eating / Drinking: Water. A gallon a day!
Listening to: Sprint Planning conference call.
Missing: Space. Apartment space. Daylight. Cheap rent.
Wishing: I could figure out this next move. Stay in NYC? Move elsewhere? Help!
Should be doing: Paying attention to the call, but you know, shit happens.
Reading: Nothing. Will pick up next month!
Thinking: Gotta work on these applications
Talking to: My team at work.
Current affirmation: I absolutely can have everything I dream of.
Plotting: [ cues 26 items from the idea sheet ]
Anticipating: Weigh-In Day

[Tweet “I absolutely can have everything I dream of.”]

Question of the day: Follow your heart or follow the plan?


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