Currently: 9/1


Time: 10:24PM
Mood: Drained… but happy
Eating / Drinking: Water, you know the deal… a gallon a day!
Listening to: The T.V. [ Pretty Little Liars ]
Missing: Chicago and the 8 girls I spent the weekend with. I miss them a lot.
Wishing: To find the perfect venue for my upcoming event!
Doing: Unpacking
Should be doing: A lot … A LOT of stuff. Mainly website prep.
Reading: The Alchemist. Still.
Thinking: I am surrounded by awesome people. The people currently in my life are everything.
Talking to:  Maki
Current affirmation: My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.
Plotting: How I’m going to get back on track with life after this mini-vacation
Anticipating: The work week… look at that!
Loving: Being back in my own bed / The fresh new start of a new month!


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