Currently – 8/22

Time: 03:36 P.M.
Feeling: I was overwhelmed, but after this meeting, I’m feeling 10 times better.
Eating / Drinking: Water mixed with seltzer. Do not ask.
Listening to: Conference call.
Missing: Grandma.
Wishing: This conference call was more informative.
Should Be Doing: My project plan. My road map. My flow chart. My expenses.
Reading: Nothing still…
Thinking: Liposuction would be so much fucking easier
Talking to: Tyra.
Current Mantra:  “No matter the number on the scale or the size of my pants, I accept my beautiful self.”
Plotting: These next two weeks. Aunty Tai is in town! But my workload is caca!
Anticipating: Going home to my man. Yes. I said it.
Loving: Tyra. For keeping me sane before this damn meeting.


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  1. Girl, I am currently anticipating going home to a man that I don’t have, so you’re better than me lol. Plus, I just clocked in only an hour ago so loads more time still to go. Isn’t it great having those people in your life that can calm you through your storms? Thanks for sharing Yetti 🙂

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