Currently – 8/14

Time: 08:23 A.M.
Feeling: Like death.
Eating / Drinking: Water with electrolytes.
Listening to: Nothing. Oh wait, my stomach make all types of sounds.
Missing: My recent college grad days, you know, when working was somewhat fun.
Wishing: I had more time to do shit.
Should Be Doing: Getting ready to leave the house.
Reading: Nothing yet.
Thinking: Serve me right for eating trash food, now my body has foresaken me.
Talking to: Fidelis.
Current Mantra:  “What is for me, will never pass me. What is for me, is mine alone.”
Plotting: September… if I get there, sheesh.
Anticipating: Wednesday dinner with Quontay!
Loving: Me. Yep, little ol’ pudgy and hella dramatic me.


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