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Afternoon Tea at the Brew
Afternoon Tea at the Brew

Time: 10:32AM GMT
Feeling: Anxious as all hell. My heart is in my throat.
Eating / Drinking: Nothing & Nothing.
Listening to: My heart beat
Missing: The calmness that Lexapro brought to me. Must. Stay. Strong.
Wishing: My aunt’s surgery goes well. This Certified 10 campaign goes well. Everything to go well.
Should be doing: Work stuff. Like what pays my bills work.
Reading: On the Shortness of Life by Seneca
Thinking: Anxious, anxious, anxious.
Talking to: Nobody.
Current affirmation: I can yield only what I plant, so I will plant trees of courage, shrubs of serenity, and flowers of love.
Plotting: Making it to Friday with all these social events and … Jesus help me.
Anticipating: The #notcrazybuthuman social media campaign beginning today. Oh, and my mind finally being still

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If you have any book suggestions, leave them in the comments! Trying to increase how much time I read and I’m looking for a new variety of literature to dive into!


Today and tomorrow, Join Certified 10’s #NOTCRAZYBUTHUMAN social media campaign to usher in Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and the premiere of the new series, Certified Words. We’re fighting the stigma surrounding mental health illnesses and the usage of the word “crazy” to label those who are battling them.

Our struggles do not mean we are “crazy”, it means we are human.

Join the movement by tweeting, facebooking, or instagramming your insecurities, your flaws, or your battle with your mental health followed by the hashtag #notcrazybuthuman.



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  1. “Quiet” – Susan Cain
    I was recommended this book by a friend but still yet to read it. If you end up starting a book club, I want in!. Blessings.

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