Currently – 7/31

Time: 05:03 A.M.
Feeling: Nervous. Attempting a yoga class today. Hot yoga.
Eating / Drinking: Water. You know, to prepare smh
Listening to: Boyfriend snore
Missing: Nothing.
Wishing: I wasn’t dreading this week too much.
Should Be Doing: Sleeping, I suppose.
Reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert… still. Took a break.
Thinking: Maybe I should just go tomorrow…
Talking to: No one.
Current Mantra:  “I am at a place where my peace is a priority. I deliberately avoid certain people to protect my mental, emotional, and spiritual self.”
Plotting: This NSBE week. Got a lot of shit to review.
Anticipating: Hanging out with Bestie. Lord, I need some bestie time.
Loving: Mr. Smith. Mushy, I know.

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