Currently – 7/13


Time: 6:12PM
Feeling: Exhausted, but good. Happy.
Eating / Drinking: Water.
Listening to: Nothing.
Missing: Mr. Smith.
Wishing: I wasn’t such a procrastinator.
Should be doing: Work… crap. Like actual corporate america crap.
Reading: Twenties Unscripted: A Journey of Womanhood, Writing, & Relativity by Tyece Wilkins.
Thinking: I’m going to murder this to-do list. Hello redbull. Hello coffee .
Talking to: Ayan.
Current affirmation: I am enough. I am more than enough.
Plotting: This weekend, how am I going to get this all done.
Anticipating: Certified 10 Event!

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wpid-img_20150710_183043.jpgJoin us for brunch, networking, swag bags, and professional advice during our second installation of the “Brunch & Learn” series. This series is designed to provide women with the toolkit they need to build and hone their sense of self. We’re giving you the tools you need to embrace all that is you in this world.

Look forward to brunch, discussions and a hands on activity within a safe, judgment free environment.

Come on, who can say no to brunch!

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