Currently 6/28

Welcome to London

Time: 03:54PM
Feeling: Tired. Sweet Baby-Jesus, tired.
Eating / Drinking: Hot Chocolate with a shot of expresso.
Listening to: Hieu Tran typing (we’re sharing an office today)
Missing: New York, surprisingly.
Wishing: My commute home is smooth. Fuck these stupid TFL strikes!
Should be doing: Marketing stuff for Certified 10, but self-promotion really isn’t my thing.
Reading: Ummm, a couple things. But way too lazy to list them. Forgive me!
Thinking: My productivity has been shit since leaving, need to pick it up!
Talking to: My team – Conference calls
Current affirmation: “It won’t be perfect, and it won’t be easy, but it can always be meaningful.”
Plotting: The release of the Certified Words web series next Weds! And a new newsletter edition! Whoop Whoop!!
Anticipating: The gym time with my Aunt. Such a motivator.


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