Currently 6/2 – Weekend Lessons

Time: 5:42AM
Mood: Gratified
Eating / Drinking: Hot Water with Lemon.
Listening to: Janet Jackson: That’s The Way Love Goes
Missing: Nothing
Wishing: I kept a distance.
Doing: Blog post
Should be doing: Getting ready for the gym
Reading: Americanah.
Thinking: Nothing
Talking to: Diana… yes this early in the morning
Current affirmation: The past is the past, my present is my blessing.
Plotting: Dinner this evening
Anticipating: Appointment this evening, cross your fingers!
Loving: Shanice and Fidelis for all that they did this weekend :-*

This weekend was… quite the weekend. My friends and I fit everything we could into this weekend, it honestly didn’t feel like a weekend at home. There was a lot of driving, running around, meet ups, meals and more meals.


The weekend consisted of  a pseudo college reunion through out the weekend, something I honestly did not expect to happen, I was almost positive I’d never see most of those faces again (and I was completely fine with that). It made me miss the random times we all had together, but it also showed me how much people have changed. We really are growing, we’re not kids anymore, and that’s okay.  This weekend also included many other catch up sessions (my alma mater’s reunion weekend), shopping and opportunities. The weekend allowed me to rip the bandaid off of seeing people I no longer speak to, classmates who are now married, pregnant and/or settling down, and  exes with their new love interests, all things I have avoided doing. I got it over and done with and will hopefully not have to do it again for a couple of years. Yes the weekend was that eventful but I’m so so so grateful for it.


All weekend I was reminded that I truly have incredible friends. From a 7:00AM conversation with Jess on a Saturday morning, to Shanice and Delli holding my hand and all the little tid-bits in the middle, my friends went all out for me and for my family. My little brother graduated from high-school this past Friday. Bubs, I’m so proud of you!



I think best moments were from the memorial of a Angelo, a classmate of mine that passed a way. We all managed to change such a sad moment into a moment of story telling and appreciating each other. You never know what you have till it’s gone people, something Angelo’s mother stressed to us, that and having gratitude.


Happy Monday.


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