Currently: 6/1

Time: 2:30PM
Feeling: Exhausted
Eating / Drinking: Water, Granola
Listening to: Fortunate – Maxwell
Missing: My hair [ Braid life ]
Wishing: I could rewind the day
Should be doing: Toolkit Analysis / Status Report
Reading: Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell [ Second time ]
Thinking: After July, I’m taking a blogging / Certified 10 break
Talking to: No one
Current affirmation: “Today, I live my life in a stride that supports me – both mentally and physically. I know I am worth the effort it takes to establish and maintain a comfortable pace to my life.” – Johnny
Plotting: Certified 10 Event
Anticipating: Spending quality time with my baby sister. 5 days of big sister loving coming your way,  Tots!

It’s official … I’m beginning to burn out. Slowing my pace down a little bit. Fighting against a full blown disappearing act.



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