Currently: 5/25


Time: 4:10PM
Mood: Happy ☺
Eating / Drinking: Strawberry & Vanilla Bean Coolatta
Listening to: One Time – Migos
Missing: Nothing
Wishing: I could skip work tomorrow
Should be doing: Exactly what I’m doing… blogging.
Reading: #GirlBoss. Still. Give me till next week.
Thinking: I had an amazing weekend with old and new friends.
Talking to: Fidelis
Current affirmation:
Plotting: This to-do List! Hoping I can make it through the rest by this evening.
Anticipating: This week. New week to get it right… oh an to lose weight. [ Rubs baby hippo weight ]

I have incredible luck with the people I meet and befriend, minus the few bad eggs that finally dropped out of my basket. This weekend I caught up with friends from junior-high, not college, not high-school, but junior-high. When college came about we grew apart. Not on purpose of course, but location changes, new faces, and different goals happened. We’ve all kind of kept in touch through social media, but this weekend we did better. Much better.

There are some friendships in which you don’t need to be in constant contact with one another to know they’re still in your corner, or as Jo-Jo stated, being your biggest fan from afar. Some friendships have that pick up where we left off capabilities. Those to me are the real kind of friendships. And I’m happy I have a good amount of those.

JoJo, Nique, Peach, & Mika… thank you for a memorable MDW.


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  1. I love these. They remind me of those MySpace survey things everyone used to do. And of how people want to know what you’re up to as badly as you want to tell them.

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