Currently 4/28


Mood: Exhausted
Eating / Drinking: Water, currently at 84oz. Aiming for a gallon a day.
Listening to: Wale featuring Miguel – Lotus Flower Bomb
Missing: My phone… 🙁
Wishing: I had my phone [ insert crying emoji ]
Doing: Reviewing summer intern resumes. Oh. What. Joy.
Should be doing: Testing >_<
Reading: Waiting on Amazon to deliver it!
Thinking: Next month is going to be ridiculous.
Talking to: No one
Current affirmation: Jump into your miracles * 2
Plotting: How I’m going to tackle my to-do-list for this evening and still get 5 hours of sleep.
Anticipating: Dinner Plans with Tyece& Erica in D.C!
Loving: My roomie. She was everything yesterday.  🙂


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