Currently 2/15

Time: 05:32AM
Feeling: A little drained, a little bloated, a little sad.
Eating / Drinking: Water
Listening to: Nothing
Missing: Fidelis. Need her. Like yesterday.
Wishing: It really wouldn’t snow today.
Should be doing: A whole bunch of shit, per usual. Event planning to be exact.
Reading: Nothing at the mo’.
Thinking: February is halfway over, where the fuck did the time go!
Talking to: Roconia… we’ve kind of have a weekend long slumber party.
Current affirmation: “I am enough and I am capable.”
Plotting: This week’s twitter chat! #YSMENSAY is back 2/17!
Anticipating: The gym… need to do damage control. Serious damage control.


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  1. That is actually my daily affirmation and it actually does help me get through some of my toughest days.

    And as far as the gym, it’s been a struggle but I am making an effort to say the least. Pray for me.

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