Currently – Feb 19

The Stats

Time: 09:50A.M.
Feeling: Disappointed. Didn’t go the gym this morning, which means I am going to have to suck it up and go tonight with the crowd.
Eating / Drinking: H2O.
Listening to: Nothing
Missing: (cues self-deprecating thoughts) When my metabolism acted right.
Wishing: Money grew on trees.
Should Be Doing: Comm Plan.
Reading: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
Thinking: Should I quickly run home and get my lunch?
Talking to: Boyfriend and Erin.
Plotting: Web Series. Finally.
Anticipating: The weekend. Yes. Already
Loving: Naruto!!!!

The Goals


This Week

  • Finish  Blog Anniversary Post.
  • Do my taxes. Sigh. Adulting.
  • Meal Prep. Back to low-carb, I go!
  • Plan out March blog calendar.
  • Put together scripts for C10
  • Contact the rest of the C10 Participants.
  • Book venue in NYC.
  • Purchase tickets for D.C. Pittsburgh, and / or ATL
  • 5 Day workout



Last Week

  • 6 day work out week. The 5 I am supposed to do, plus the one I didn’t do last week. – 5 Womp Womp
  • Get my “How To Find A Therapist Guide” up and posted.
  • Put together a workout plan to stick to. I outsourced this… but still a check.
  • Release newsletter post. – Too chicken to send it out.
  • Find a new book to read.  Found a bunch!
  • Contact C10 Participants. Let’s try again. – Contacted 3 people.
  • Put up new affirmations around the house. – Nope didn’t do it. But I will tonight.
  • Plan out mini vacation. Planned out two!


Current Mantra / Affirmation

“I have control over this body of mine.”

Received some pretty shitty news last week in reference to my current battle with PCOS. If I could put my whole body in rice, as I would do my electronics, I would. But since I need to work with the cards I have been dealt, I will figure out a way to master it. I am not defined by my ailments, and damn it, I will control this by treating my body better and providing it with the nourishment it needs, and ONLY needs.

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  1. I’m been on the library’s waitlist forevvvver for Gabrielle Union’s book – & it just came in (in ebook form) about an hour ago!

  2. Girl I feel you with that “put my body in rice statement” I thought of the exact thing last weekend. Hope you smash those goals for this week and feel better!! 🌸

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