Currently – 12/8

2014-12-08 08.56.07 1

Time: 6:32AM
Mood: Happy
Eating / Drinking: Pre-Workout… Gym time!
Listening to: Nothing…
Missing: My sanity… who goes to the gym this early?!
Wishing: I could sleep, lay in bed and skip my job’s Christmas Party. Woe is me, I have to socialize…
Should be doing: Putting on my shoes… leaving for le gym
Reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Thinking: I had a good fucking weekend! Deli’s birthday was a success
Talking to: No one, or myself lol, same thing!
Current affirmation: I am open to my blessings!
Plotting: How I will escape the Christmas Party tonight.
Anticipating: LONDON!!! Two more weeks, two more weeks!!!
Loving: #BlackGirlsWhoBlog. We’re one of a kind…

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