Currently – 12/4

Time: 07:34 P.M.
Eating / Drinking: Kombucha.
Listening to: Well, Watching, She’s Gotta Have It.
Missing: My MetLife CoWorkers.
Wishing: I went to the gym. My guilt is kicking in!
Should Be Doing: Blog post. I’m getting there, next!
Reading: Neeexxxxttttt.
Thinking: I wish I felt more motivated. I wish I could focus!
Talking to: Mr. Smith. Well, I’m trying to watch T.V. and he’s excessively asking questions.
Current Mantra:  “Betting on myself, for I am pure gold.” – Thank you, Lydia.
Plotting: My next post and video!
Anticipating: The move.
Loving: Baby Sis!

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  1. I WISH I had coworkers that I could miss. Definitely jealous of you in that regard.

    And how did you like She’s Gotta Have It? I wasn’t fond of the actress playing the character and Nova made me want to slap her a few times. LOL!

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