Currently – 11/30

Time: 12:32PM
Feeling: Well-rested, but tired. Being an adult sucks…
Eating / Drinking: Chopt Salad (Mexican Ceaser, yessss Lord!)
Listening to: How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris
Missing: My parents home, just got back yesterday and I already I miss my bed!
Wishing: My computer would operate properly…
Should be doing: Nothing, shit… it’s lunch time!
Reading: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Thinking: I can’t wait for a perm. Can’t wait to touch my scalp again!
Talking to: Nobody
Current affirmation: “I am open to my explosive blessings.”
Plotting: The next three weeks. Crunch time till London time.
Anticipating: Spending the holidays with the fam bam in the UK.


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