Currently: 10/27 + BLOGSGIVING Event

Time: 05:22AM
Feeling: Sore. Really fucking sore.
Eating / Drinking: Granola + Water. Can’t be passing out in the gym now, can we?
Listening to: Bieber – Sorry
Missing: Bestie over in Italy. Just realized this will be the first birthday without her in God knows… 🙁
Wishing: I could get my workout in by simply thinking about it… or being near the gym, like osmosis!
Should be doing: Packing the gym bag and heading out. Protein? Check! BCAA’s? Check! HRM? Check! Work clothes? Check!
Reading: Girl Boss again.
Thinking: My hair looks crazy.
Talking to: No one.
Current affirmation: “If I love my body, it will love me back.”
Plotting: This week’s workload + NSBE this weekend. Gotta show up for my region and the hardest working board our there!
Anticipating: November. Yettember anyone?




I’ll be hosting a little get together before the #WhenThePensCollide event.

It’s been sometime since us NYC bloggers have gotten together, showed out, and celebrated.
So let’s do just that the Saturday before thanksgiving.
We’ll call it blogsgiving.

Brunch menu can be found here. I’ll be purchasing a few pitchers of mimosas, my gift to you guys :).

Reserve a spot here:

[ Eventbrite will close Thursday at 12:00PM before event to make sure I can give them an accurate number for the reservation. Currently capped at 15 ]

Hope to see you guys there!


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