Currently 10/20

2014-10-20 02.24.48 1

Time: 5:45AM
Mood: Groggy, why do I subject myself to this?
Eating / Drinking: Drinking my pre-workout, Gym time in a few!
Listening to: StarBoy – Caro
Missing: The days where I made serious overtime money.
Wishing: That I this venue would work with me a little better
Doing: Flyer for my boo, Erica. She’s nominated y’all!
Should be doing: Getting dressed for the gym.
Reading: Brain on Fire.
Thinking: Nothing
Talking to:  No one
Current affirmation: I am peacefully allowing my life to unfold.
Plotting: January 24th
Anticipating: Closure to this deal. [ please sweet baby Jesus, let it be this week ]
Loving: This past weekend. Bomb[dot]com

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  1. I actually need to be working out. I was on a diet for about 5 days and somehow I got back to loving food again.

    You seem like a very busy lady!

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