14 Creatives Using Their Platform to Promote Mental Health

Yes, this is another curated list of creatives, but it’s a list of creatives that have chosen to story tell with a purpose. Creating an awareness around mental health is more than a hashtag, a green ribbon, and a couple of statistics… something these brave individuals below already know. Sharing stories and creating art from our personal experiences helps society to place an image to the stigma, and help those who need educating recognize that a mental illness does not discriminate in who it meets or impacts. We’re sharing our stories exposing the realness of mental illnesses by creating a new narrative that is encouraging a conversation the world should’ve been having years ago. We’re creating a community of survivors, believers, and advocates.

Here are 14 creatives using their platform to promote Mental Health:

Rowana // https://spokenblackgirl.com/

“Progress comes from the feeling that you are at this moment closer to a state of peace, a state of joy, and a place of resilience.” If that doesn’t speak to you, than you are either numb to the truth or are feigning perfection as I type.  I read the post that quote came from on my birthday (US Election Day) and immediately felt at ease. It was the reminder I needed that I still had a life to live, that though I’m not yet where I want to be career-wise, I still had time to bloom and flourish. Honestly, this is how I feel reading most of Rowana’s posts, because she writes so effortlessly about mental health, her story, and also provides a platform for others to do the same.

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Matthew // https://lovelaughtertruthblog.com

A man brave enough to talk about his divorce, his battle with the depression, and have the sense of humor about both? Sold. Matthew found solace in writing in 2015, and has since become one of my favorite people on the internet due to his candor and wit. He has found the perfect balance of telling you how it is, yet, being understanding of the different emotions one should feel when conquering depression, or working through the rejection brought on by divorce.

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Ashley // http://www.dontdieafraid.com/

Through YouTube and social media, Ashley of Don’t Die Afraid has created a community of mental health survivors and advocates who are willing to just… go there. Her #MentalHealthCheckIn’s on Thursday have easily become one of my favorite reminders to myself and others to check in with ourselves. It’s my “Hey Yetti, are you happy today?” reminder I often forget to ask myself through the hustle and bustle of the week. With a successful event under her belt, I know what’s next to come from this creative is greatness.

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Bryanda // https://www.quirktastic.co/

Bryanda, better known as Bree, and formerly known as Ms. Quirky Brown Love, is the powerhouse that turned awkward black girls into “It girls” by highlighting and exemplifying that they own their quirkiness and rock the fuck out. But after mastering that, Bree let us in on a secret: That she battles anxiety and has done so for years. Bree creatively incorporates tips for the anxious mind throughout her posts from, dealing with social settings, to how to go after what you want in life, while keeping the monster (that’s your mind) in check. Oh… and of course, remembering to remain your true, quirky, phenomenal self.

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Zoë // http://www.ibelieveinromeo.com/

I came across Zoe through a mental health hashtag before the holidays and was instantly attracted to her honesty. She embarked on a year long challenge called “The Romeo Project” where she set an intention and resolution for 10 months of the year in hopes of re-designing her life. Each month she journaled her progress while encouraging healing and sharing coping mechanisms. I think my favorite thing about the year-long project was Zoe unveiling her truths and her mental health story with each month she tackled. Zoe is certainly unafraid of vulnerability, and  that’s something we could all learn from her.

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Nicole + Team // https://gentwenty.com/

Nicole, my boss-lady spirit animal on the west coast, is the Editor-in-Chief and CoFounder of GenTwenty, the one stop internet hub for us Millennials. With her team of contributors, they are attacking the tough to talk about topics, such as life after college, sex and the ups and downs of relationships, and of course, Self-Care and Mental Health. In fact, a lot of what I read from GenTwenty, from financial advice to career next steps, always incorporates a reminder of self-care and self-compassion. And what’s great about this publication is that it’s written by us Millennials, for us Millennials. See! Our generation isn’t that self-absorbed.

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GG Renee // https://allthemanylayers.com/

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, GG is the big sister, the soulful big sister, of the blogosphere. She always knows what to say and how to say it when you’re looking for comfort, and well the truth about the harsh realities of learning to love yourself. With two books and a workbook (coupled with an adult coloring pages), GG also offers workshops and sessions to helps others heal through writing. But I think what draws me to GG is not just her poetic words and her offerings for healing, but her nature as whole. She’s authentic, she’s loving, she’s caring, and above all else, she’s real.

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Davia // http://www.redefineenough.com/

Late last year, Davia and I, both clad in our headscarfs, bonded on a Skype video chat and it was then I realized why she was the ultimate therapist. Having met with a quite a few therapists, Davia has what we all search for in the person we spew our souls to while laying on their couch: She’s relatable. But Davia is more than a licensed therapist. She is also a wellness blogger and the host of the Affirm podcast, a biweekly mental health podcast for women of color ​to honor our authentic selves, even the pieces that we try to hide. Explore Redefine Enough, and you’ll soon understand why Davia is a force to be reckoned with.

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Leanne // http://leannelindsey.co.uk/

From social media to blog posts and featured articles, LeAnne is fighting the stigma by simply living by example. Her commitment to celebrating and maintaining her mind, body, and soul through daily affirmations and different expressions of self-care are the reminders we need to always be compassionate with ourselves, not to mention, to put our mental being first. This life coach’s goal is to teach us to thrive and not just survive, and I am absolutely here for it.

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Nicole // http://www.un-masked.com/

Un-Masked, the perfect blend of community and creativity centered around mental health from the perspective of young, black women. Nicole sought to create this powerful series after trying to seek help herself and finding it to be more than difficult. With Un-Masked, she not only created her own form of therapy, but she has brought together artists to change the narrative of mental health and increase awareness throughout the UK with visuals. And nothing puts a face to these stigma cloaked illnesses like visuals created from personal encounters.

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Kirsty // http://www.kirzart.com/

Kirsty has taken art to a whole different level by trying to incorporate different aspects of mental health into her pieces. Self taught and determined to get her message through she has managed to penetrate mainstream media, which is a win for all of us advocates. What I enjoy the most about about her work are the stories behind it. One of her recent posts was coupled with her story and description of anxiety, which led me to explore her work more. Her “Emotions” series is so very accurate and dives into the problems society face head on Mental Health within the black community. Not only is she uncovering the stigma, she’s painting relatable images to place with it.

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Roco // http://eversoroco.com

There’s something chilling yet comforting about another creative that can write about the scary actions you’ve also taken, and the shitty thoughts you know oh too well. Especially when those thoughts and actions are centered around therapy, or not feeling up to adult today, or even you leaving this world. Meet Roconia. Roco to the internet world, RoCocoa if you’re me. Honest, raw, and one hell of a writer. No one can paint a portrait with words the way Roconia can. No one. She uses her experience as the predesigned canvas, but uses lessons learned, her low moments, her happy days, and her wit to provide so much color to all that is Mental Health. She’s easily does what all of us MH creatives strive to do, provides mental illnesses with face that looks just like you and I.

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Jessica //  https://www.acuriousjoyfullife.com/

Jessica’s “About” section pretty much sums up why I’ve placed her on the list, and why I follow her (Seriously, follow her on instagram and her story). She writes for others who may be going through it too. It’s that beloved “Me Too” factor I love to harp on, and Jessica’s posts shares intimate thoughts that other across the blogospshere are feeling to, just too afraid to put it out there. But she also writes for herself to remind herself to find and appreciate joy in every moment possible.

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Morgan // http://www.joyday.org

What Morgan has done is more than simply a new media outlet and a weekly twitter chat. She has created a movement that promotes the priority of choosing joy every day in life. JoyDay is trying to change the narrative of the mental health by talking about it, and highlighting various women battling, surviving, and growing through mental illness and self-love.

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