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Last but not least is the “little sister” with the ambition of a certified powerhouse. Her lifestyle blog is the perfect combination of life lessons, beauty & style lessons and a window into her many different passions, one being coding.

Meet Dara!

Quick Tidbits

  • Name: Dara
  • Blog: Love, Darbie
  • How many years you’ve been blogging: 3.5 years

What made you decide to open a blog?
When I started blogging, it gave me a platform to reflect on things happening in my life and connect with people from all over. I think even to this day, that’s what I love most about blogging: the ability to share parts of myself and learn from others.

How do you decide on what to share with the world? How do you protect yourself from public scrutiny?
 I’m still trying to find that balance of having a personal blog yet preserving my privacy. It’s kind of eerie to realize that anyone could read my life, so I try to make sure I reveal only as much as I’m comfortable with.

Dara of Love, Darbie
Dara of Love, Darbie

Have you ever experienced an “Oh my God, I put this on the internet?” moment? Please elaborate.
I’m pretty sure I experience this often when I read my older posts. I started my blog when I was 17 so reading posts from when I was in that mindset typically makes me cringe. Thank the Lord for growth!

What has been one of the most difficult issues you have faced as blogger?
I think this question goes back to what I mentioned earlier about finding that balance between sharing and preserving my privacy. Additionally would be finding my niche, my blog topics bounce between a couple of genres and I would love to one day figure out what I want to devote my little space on the web to.

What advice would you share with new bloggers, or those toying with the idea of opening a blog?
Open a blog for the right reasons, not fame or monetization. I truly treasure genuine bloggers, that always shines through.

Has blogging or writing presented you with any cool opportunities?
Yes! I’ve been amazed at the great people I’ve met through blogging and I’ve recently started to take my blog more seriously and there have been some interesting opportunities presented. Stay tuned!

Share 3 of your favorite posts!
Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year. Although I blog about a variety of things, I especially love the posts that I’m able to motivate others by simply living my truth. On Choosing Happiness (http://lovedarbie.com/2014/06/choosing-happiness/) | If Not Now, Then When? (http://lovedarbie.com/2014/05/if-not-now-then-when/) | Why I Stopped Explaining Myself (http://lovedarbie.com/2015/01/stopped-explaining/)

Finish the sentence:

  • Being a blogger means finding your voice and letting it be heard
  • Being a blogger does not mean your story is more relevant than  anyone else’s
  • As a blogger I will never compromise my content for anything or anyone.
  • The stereotype I hate the most about bloggers is that we’re pretentious, many people don’t understand why bloggers blog.
  • Top 5 things that turn me away from a blog are the design (I’m big on aesthetics), if I don’t feel a connection with the blogger, lack of photo to text balance, bad grammar, no voice in the writing.

Dara is twenty-one year old transplant from the motherland residing in Texas and a self proclaimed renaissance woman. A woman with many passions, she works as a developer, portrait photographer, and freelance graphic designer. She documents her life, style, faith, and random musings on her blog at www.lovedarbie.com and on Twitter & Instagram as @lovedarbie. 


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