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There are very few blogs where I opt to attempt to start reading from the beginning of blog, but I managed to get to know Briana a bit better after thoroughly stalking her posts during my trip to the UK this past Christmas. And I’m not quite sure at which point I developed my blogger crush, but after her 2014 book review, I knew that she would remain a staple. Meet the “Shero”, Briana.

Quick Tidbits

  • Name: Briana Ford
  • Blog: brianaford.com
  • How many years you’ve been blogging: I created my first blog in 2000 when I was 9 going on 10. But this go around, I’ll say since 2010.

What made you decide to open a blog?
I just felt like I had things I wanted to say. Thinking out loud, exploring, asking questions, venting, etc.

How do you decide on what to share with the world? How do you protect yourself from public scrutiny?
I honestly wasn’t very reserved in blogging. Not to say privacy wasn’t a big concern, but I knew what not to put on the Internet, like my address or things I didn’t want used against me. Everything else, to me, was free game. I think public scrutiny just sort of comes with the package. People aren’t always going to love what you have to say.

Have you ever experienced an “Oh my God, I put this on the internet?” moment? Please elaborate.
Because I used to blog about being engaged and married, I felt I had to let my readers know, also, that my marriage was failing. When I told my readers that I would stop blogging because I was getting divorced, I was a bit mortified, like “did I really just tell the world that?” But I pride myself on being transparent.


What has been one of the most difficult issues you have faced as blogger?
My biggest issue has been trying to get back into blogging. When I sold my marriage blog, I knew I wanted to keep blogging. I went through several failed attempts trying to get back in the game with a niche I actually enjoyed and felt true to me. It took me almost 2 years to get comfortable again.

What advice would you share with new bloggers, or those toying with the idea of opening a blog?
Just do it! Just get started. Your first few posts will probably suck, and that’s okay. Your first year will probably only be read by a few people. That’s okay too! Just get started, and be true to yourself.

Has blogging or writing presented you with any cool opportunities?
Blogging has introduced me to so many awesome people I otherwise would have never had the pleasure to meet. Sure, I’ve made money (at one point, enough to keep a roof over my head, legit), but the connections I’ve made have been unmatched.

Share 3 of your favorite posts!

Finish the sentence:
Being a blogger means your words mean something to someone else.
Being a blogger does not mean you’re a cheap reporter, a gossiper, or an over-indulger.
As a blogger I will never sacrifice my soul, or my readers, for the sake of pageviews.
The stereotype I hate the most about bloggers is that it’s easy. Blogging itself is putting words to a webpage, but being a blogger is NOT easy.
Top 5 things that turn me away from a blog are too many ads, music or videos that play right away, horrible formatting, false information, and if it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Briana Ford is a 20-something Shero from the 310. When she’s not reading or quoting Jay Z, you can find her tweeting, tinkering with WordPress, or writing about her life and times on her personal blog.

Social Media:
FB: facebook.com/brianafm | Twitter: twitter.com/brianamford | Instagram: instagram.com/koolmoebri | Pinterest: pinterest.com/brianafm


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