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  1. Yetti always real, raw and conversation starter. Great share. I work in a small office and the crazy things I do hear make me wish I didn’t hear them at all so we are on opposite sides of acknowledgment both unfortunately not very encouraging. I left Corp. America when my daughter was a year old because I just couldn’t and wouldn’t play along with the blatant unbalance of pay, treatment, respect and value. As a Dominican women I was tired of doing great work, being a team player and going above and beyond to only get passed over both in pay and in positions not just by white men but by men in general and by white women. I made a decision to not stay in that hamster circle and just start fresh elsewhere. Twenty one years later I’ve never looked and my daughter had and has a better mother for it. Your dad did awesome with those lessons, stand in your truth continue to know your value and keep bring us great conversation starters stay blessed xo:)

  2. Great read! As the time nears closer to the start of a new job, I am curious about my surrounding in the work place. I am currently in non profit, most of my colleagues are black, but in a few months that will all change. I’ve been called a “black nigger bitch” and labeled by the people I service as a “racist”, but nothing compares to corporate. I’ve read so many think pieces and spoke with many friends who work in corporate America. It’s as if you have to figure out survival strategies. But it is okay to be fucking tired! Take a break if you can Yetti.

  3. Love this post! I just stumbled upon your blog through Bloglovin. I totally can identify with your struggle, as I am a black female project manager in the technology field. I just recently started a blog of my own ( where other black females PMs or other tech professionals can come together and have those tough conversations, as well as have a place to escape the normal day to day B.S. of corporate America.

  4. Just came across your blog, but this is so powerful. Thanks for your strength through the struggles, it is appreciated and you are making a difference for the women who come after you!