Currently – April Fools Day

Written Yesterday

The Stats

Time: 12:26 P.M.
Feeling: Distraught over Nipsey Hussle. Anxious because a new life is about to enter the world today, and I don’t know how well I’ll be able to protect it.
Eating / Drinking: Nothing. Fasting because… relief. I need relief.
Watching / Listening to: Nothing.
Missing: Literally this time yesterday where the only I had to worry about was a waffle.
Wishing: For peace to be granted. For myself. For those of impacted by this tragedy. For the world. We’re reminded way too often that this life we live is not a guarantee. Tomorrow is not fucking promised no matter how good of a soul you have.
Should Be Doing: Preparing for the drive to the hospital.
Reading:  “The Universe Has Your Back” – Gabrielle Bernstein
Thinking: I’ve got work to do. So much to do
Talking to: No one.
Plotting: My to do list.
Anticipating: This evening, stay tuned!
Loving: Brittany. Finally got to meet this weekend in Detroit, and it was so perfect.


The Goals


This Week

  • Get back into my bootcamp routine and intermittent fasting routine.
  • Write two blog posts. (WRITE… not post).
  • Get back into scripting daily.
  • Finish the rest of my April set up:
    • Review of my Quarter 1.
    • Content and Social Media calendar for YettiSays.
  • Finish last edits of next newsletter.
  • Review and send out MSL-Uncensored testers.



Last Week – 6/8 Completed!

  • Going to try and complete three days of boot camp before leaving for Detroit. – completed
  • Two workouts in Detroit because… endorphins and liquor. – nope 🙁
  • NO LAST MINUTE PACKING. – Packed at 1 AM the night of my flight lol. Fail.
  • Get back to scripting daily. – Nope
  • Get affirmations stocked. (We’re sold out, but you can still order! Shipping 4/22) – Done.
  • Be fully present in Detroit. No YettiSays, No 9-5. – Done and Done.
  • Rewatch my card reading from Kalyn. She’s so on point. – Done!
  • Finish my wellness tools blog post. – Nope
  • Do my April set up:
    • Goals for the month – Yes
    • Review of Quarter 1
    • Content calendar review
    • Habit Tracker for the month – Yes
    • Q2 Goals. – Yes




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