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Clip From GG Renee's Site.
Clip From GG Renee’s Site.

GG Renee of All The Many Layers recently featured me in her Soulful Beauty post series. Be sure to check it out and of course her website and her offerings. She has gems, one on one coaching opportunities, and fosters a community of writing to heal. She’s amazing!

“But as I’ve grown older, and have become more comfortable within this skin of mine, I know my decisions, whether “emotional” or not, are the best ones for me. If I make a mistake, I learn from it, and move on, but I no longer question every step that I take, or every emotion that I may display, because the fact that I am in tune with my feelings, makes me the blogger, woman, and business owner that I am today. I say it all the time, I am in the business of storytelling and head over heels self-love journeys. You can’t roll in this line of business without mastering the art of being in tune with your emotions.  I’m not afraid to feel.”

Continue to read the interview here!


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