Hi, I’m Yetti

And I teach women of color to self-love and self-care unapologetically.


My name is Yetti and I’ve been keepin’ it real about mental wellness on the internet since 2010.

Yetti Says (formerly AndSoSheWrites) was birthed out of loneliness, adulthood shock, and a whole lot of insecurity.

What began as a weight-loss accountability blog, quickly morphed into a very public and vulnerable self-love diary, and thus the niche of the mental wellness blogger was born. For years, I documented my journey to loving myself while fighting a self-mutilation habit, managing chronic anxiety, and dealing with on and off depression. And through sharing my day-to-day struggles, lessons learned, and my #happythings, I somehow built a community. A community of brave women battling and healing from similar traumas while taking care of their mental health, and get this, supporting each other too.

10+ years later, I am still very much so on my self-love journey. Why? Because the lessons of self-love and self-care evolve each time we grow into a new version of ourselves. But I am now self-harm free, I know how to take care of my anxious and sometimes depressed mind, and now, I am helping countless other beings, just like you, self-love and self-care fearlessly through coaching, my posts, and my wellness products and tools.

If you’re looking for a loving push to begin, maintain, or get back on your self-love journey, you’ve come to right the place.

If you need support as you embark on this sometimes lonely path to trusting yourself and building your confidence in your intuition, I’ve got you boo.

Or if you’re simply here because you need to see that there is joy, abundance, and life after a depressive episode, I am here to show and promise you that there is. And I’ll show you just that.

Welcome to my little space on the internet, I hope you stay awhile.

xoxo, Yetti

My favorite affirmation:

Endless good comes to me in endless good ways.

Ol’ school “get to know me” quiz!


Before catching COVID I was most definitely a sweet girl, but now? Give me the sodium! GIVE ME SALTY!

if i could go anywhere in the world, I’d Go to:

Maldives, Marrakech, and Cabo.

MY favorite color is:

I don’t really have one, it changes, but I’ve been pretty obsessed with rose gold and deep forest green for quite some time now.

FAVOrite way to self-care is:

Me time, whatever that may look like at the time.

My Celebrity Crush Is:

Whew, chile, I’ve got a thing for Luke James and Michael B. Jordan and I am absolutely unashamed!

an unexpected fact about me is:

I’m obsessed with Naruto. I’ve watched the entire series about 4 times.

My toxic trait is:

Answering text messages two days later. I’m getting better though!

Songs I can listen to on repeat:

A Night To Remember – Shalamar, They Don’t Know – Jon B, Put It Down – The Dream, Cupid – 112. (Can you tell I love R&B?)

MY Biggest fear is:

Losing my two front teeth. Or any teeth in general. Please Lord, never make this my portion!

My favorite book is:

The Alchemist – Paul Coelho

Some of my favorite posts!

Where I’ve been featured


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