Be Proud of 32 – The Late 33rd Birthday Post

33rd Birthday Dress

Hey Sweet Girl,

It’s your 33rd Birthday today, and while you’re wondering about how on earth you made it this far in life, there’s a little part of you that’s so damn proud. That little part of you? That’s me. Your tiny but mighty inner cheerleader. I’m writing this just in case you forget to acknowledge all that you survived this year and all the years prior to it. I’m writing this because the level of healing you have embarked on can be seen in your newfound freedom. In your newfound joy. 

I’m writing this because I want you to acknowledge that you, Yetti, are magic, have always been magic, and still have so much more magic to make and share.

Here are four of the lessons learned that you should be so fucking proud of. Here are four lesson to take with you on this 33rd Birthday.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love themselves anyway.

Last year’s seasons of ascensions, deep lows, and extensive highs required new versions of you to show up and sometimes show their ass. The trick here was you learning to love each and every version the same, even the depressed version of you that took over most of your spring and summer. You showed up for her, adjusted your self-love and self-care routines for her, and thanked her for teaching you to love yourself while in the midst of darkness.

Believe in the unseen and the unknown.

You acknowledged a lot of your gifts this year. Some you already knew you had, others, not so much… until you were able to have a full conversation with your deceased grandmother during meditation. Your first instinct was to assume that you had finally lost your mind. The second was to pretend it wasn’t happening. But when you got tired of fighting random “downloads” and communicating with more deceased relatives, you did the opposite of what you’d typically do.

You decided to dive in headfirst and take on an opportunity with an amazing teacher who sought you out.

Now, you may not be showing up in the world with all the services and all the hoopla other intuitives are offering, but you have used your gifts to change lives through writing, affirmations, and top-tier self-care coaching. And for you? Well, you set yourself free.

There’s no forgiveness without the extension of grace

Whether it’s you doing the forgiving, or you’re the one on the receiving end, neither would happen without the presence of grace. You learned to forgive and not hit the delete from my life button after doing so. You explored forgiveness without avoidance and realized that sometimes the best thing to do is not walk away and stonewall, but, instead, extend a little grace with the hopes of processing and rebuilding.

32 taught you that forgiveness can be found while still healing, still hurting, and still very much so living through the disappointment.

Coming home to yourself is actually just the remembrance of who you always were.

Year 31 needed to be painfully hard. It needed to be to help you reroot yourself into year 32. Last year was most definitely your year of rerooting and rebirthing, but it came with extreme heartbreak and an even more intense period of stretching and testing of self-trust. Things you thought you had healed from, resurfaced. People you thought you cut off, reappeared. And mindsets you swore you shed, returned.

But they resurfaced to show you just exactly what your resilience can do. They reappeared to remind you of your growth. And they returned to remind you just exactly who the hell you are.

And with that, you came back home to yourself.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.

Embrace your 33rd Birthday, you know we wouldn’t want it any other way!


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