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3 Ways To Use Your Affirmation Cards

In honor of the pre-order for the new YettiSays affirmation deck launching this Saturday, I put together a quick go-to list of how you can use your affirmation cards! Affirmations are great for reprogramming old thoughts, setting the tone for your day, and of course, being a catalyst for positive self-talk.

With your YettiSays affirmation cards, you have everything you need to begin your self-love journey and more! I can’t wait to get them into your hands!

Now for how to use them!

Journal Prompts

Use your cards to lead you in a journaling session. Simply pull a card, read it, and let your thoughts surrounding the chosen affirmation to run amok within your notebook. I try to either start my mornings or end my very busy days with some unedited & nonjudgemental journaling utilizing affirmation cards.

For those of you not called to write daily, think of it as exercising your mind. Journaling allows you to:

  • Increase your memory capacity (I literally can remember everything, my boyfriend hates it.)
  • Revisit emotionally charged events and release the pent up feelings.
  • Enhance your communication skills.

Give it a shot.

Guided Meditation / Mantra Prompts

Anyone have a hard time meditating? Yeah, me too, but repeating an affirmation during your meditation sessions can help you in keeping you focused. It very much so feels like chanting, and before you know it, you’re not only in a zone but an intentional one.

Daily Card Spread

Card spreads are not just for Tarot and Oracle readings. Incorporate the magic of your affirmations within your daily readings. They guide you just the same. Shuffle thoroughly, lay your hand upon your deck, ask what message do you need to hear today, and draw a card.

** Bonus ** Bookmark (courtesy of Melanie of Untamed Melodies)

One of my fellow blogger friends, Melanie, recently shared with me that she likes to use her cards as bookmarks and sometimes hides them within books for a surprise later on. How creative is that?

So now that we’ve gone through the most common ways of how
you can use your affirmation cards, how do you plan to use yours?


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