Dear Year 27 / 27 Letters for my 27th Birthday

Birthday Letters

 Dear Year 27,

I just wanted to reach out before Monday came and it was too late. Wanted to make sure I addressed a few things with you before you waltz into my life. You know, set some ground rules.

I will not be your punching bag. Your number will not taunt me. Your pressure will go unacknowledged.

You birthdays tend to do this thing where you create havoc on my fragile mind and terribly anxious heart. You sweep in, ruffle my feathers, and leave me to pick up the pieces as I run at full speed after you.

No. Not this time.

Don’t consider this an affirmation, consider this the law: You will be my bitch.

Because in year 27, I will be expecting happiness. Lots, and lots of happiness. Happiness conjured by me might I add, not from the places I look to fill voids, not from the man that shares my bed, not from the 10mg dose of Lexapro that I refuse to take. From me. Yetti with two T’s.

I know there will be both good moments and bad moments, but listen here, and listen well, the good will outweigh the bad. You see, Year 27, our positive thinking is going up a notch. Or 27 (you get it?!). I’m talking appreciative behavior on fleek, positive patty with great eyebrows, and more affirmations on post-its. YES much, much more post-its. The good will outweigh the bad. It just has to

Because Certified 10 needs a founder that looks, feels, smells, and tastes like a 10. We both need to be equipped for the upcoming campaign and the new partnerships secured for 2016. YettiSays readers need their Vitamin Y more potent than ever. Are you catching my drift? Keep up now.

Those breakdowns your siblings have brought me? Yeah, those. Limit them. We will do right by my mind and heart. No decision will be made without those two ladies onboard. No more giving them more than they can handle.

But with that being said, risk will need to be taken. Ain’t no progress without a few risks.

Because in year 27, we will be living for Yetti. Not the expectation of Yetti. Not the expectations of a 27-year-old. But Yetti, with two T’s. We’ll be living in light, and working towards what makes me feel good. Sure, we’ll endure rough patches, but we must never lose sight of the goal of balance and peace.

I need for you to be onboard. I need you to work with me on this journey, because I am tired of fighting with age, instead of appreciating its presence.

I’m giving you two days to prepare. Please, for the love of God, get your act together.

See you on Monday. 12:00AM sharp.
Phenomenal Yetti

After writing a letter to the year 27 for my newsletter, I told myself there was no need to write a blog post for my birthday. The truth is, despite my “Yettember” birthday month antics for the past few years, I don’t like celebrating my birthday. I think the fun died down after my 22nd birthday, and every birthday since then has come with severe anxiety and panic over the thoughts of being further away from the life I hope to live. So in an effort to avoid this panic, last year and this year, I told everyone I did not want to celebrate. This year, I got my way. We brunched at PS450, visited Stacy’s gallery in Williamsburg, and spent sometime having dessert at a nearby cafe. It was low-key and simple.

Monday, I planned to spend my birthday running errands, hitting up a yoga class, and lounging until my dinner plans. Instead, I spent an hour or so crying my eyes out after receiving letters upon letters upon letters.

27 letters for my 27th Birthday

Because I didn’t want to celebrate, Corazon found another way for others to celebrate me.  Probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done with me.

Thank you guys for the birthday love, 27 has already been amazing thus far!




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