10 Badass Women-Owned Lifestyle & Wellness Businesses To Shop

The holiday season is upon us, and luckily for us all, today is Shop Small Business Saturday. Here’s a list of 10 women-owned lifestyle and wellness businesses to shop this season!

Happy Shopping!



Your Best Life Coach – 1:1 Coaching and Mastermind Services

Natalie, the bi-coastal coach (and my coach!) my behind this business. If you’re looking for someone to show you how to become the best version of yourself, to shine with confidence from the inside out, and to live a life that you’ve always dreamed of, Natalie is your coach!

Besides coaching, she also runs mastermind sessions in NYC, and a traveling brunch series called, “Babes Who Brunch”.

Yetti Picks: Coaching! Mention me if you decide to enroll!

Vibewell – Self-paced Programs and Coaching Services

Ashley (or Coach A, as I like to call her) created VibeWell as a way to take her mindset work deeper but managed to develop a space that teaches us all to let go of the things no longer serving us by way of investing in our own mind shifts. Through self-paced programs, courses, coaching, and newly added, Reiki infused teas, Ashley is giving us the tools to take our minds back.

Yetti Picks: Letters To You. For a little discount use the YettiSays code: “SAYSTHANKS”

Feminist Goods, Co – Clothing

With Feminist Goods, Co, Lauren Harbury’s mission is to instill each womxn with the feeling that they can conquer the world and that they already have all of the tools to do it.  I, for one, feel unstoppable in my sweatshirts and tees from Feminist Goods, Co but that is partially because every item sent out and received is wrapped with support, care, and love.

Also fun fact? FGC donates 10% of our annual proceeds to Planned Parenthood. I fuck with that!

Yetti Picks: Modern Day Goddess Crop. Sign up for the newsletter, and receive a cheeky discount!

MelanieSantos.Co – Digital Wellness Products + Webinars

Melanie Santos is an NYC-based wellpreneur that is breaking barriers centered around mental health by creating communities (online and in-person), and designing wellness tools to support and empower women to heal, align, and so much more.

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in two of uniquely crafted webinars, but she also offers calendars, intention setting workbooks, group guidance programs, and so much more.

Yetti Picks: Creating From Within Webinar

By Amber Burns – Clothing

Amber Burns believes that the messages we choose to wear say a lot about us and our personalities, so trust me when I say her intentionally made line of tees and sweatshirts scream Amber. Philly-based By Amber Burns is not simply lifestyle and books, it’s entrepreneurs coming into her own and exploring her own wellness.

Yetti Picks: “But, First Boundaries” Sweatshirt.

Yinka Orisan – Jewelry and Candles

From fashion to Lifestyle, Olayinka has you covered! But what some people do not know about this CT-based IT girl, is that she is a jewelry designer and has often referred to it as her first love. Yinka’s collections are handmade, delicate, gorgeous and most important to me, simple. Meaning they can be worn with anything!

Not only that, SHE MAKES CANDLES! Best of both worlds, if you ask me!

Yetti Picks: Mini Signature Studs.

Kalyn Coghill – Oracle Cards Readings

Look, I am really iffy about letting anyone do readings for me, but Kalyn? She will always get my coins because she does it with care and keeps it beyond real. Readings can be done through skype, but she also provides custom videos too. She reads from a multitude of decks, and your readings can be tailored to birthdays, new years, or simply just because.

Yetti Picks: 3 Card Pull. I usually do them just because and give her full reign on which deck and what kind of reading. 

Nature’s Jewel – Natural Herbs and Supplements

When Jenay Mercer lost her healthcare, she took matters into her own hands and began sourcing and creating her own supplements to promote good health. From energy to inflammation to overall balance, Nature’s Jewel has a remedy for you. With two weeks of consistently using her products my energy levels have increased and my stress has been manageable. Not to mention the sample herbal tea for the womb soothed my cramps.

Yetti’s Picks: The Ultimate Blend! 

Nessentials Beauty

Look, this is super important to me now that I’ve moved to an area that doesn’t cater to my everyday haircare regimine. Nessentials is the newest online hair and beauty boutique stocking your favorite products, and shipping them for free! 

Yetti’s Picks: ANYTHING TGIN!

YettiSays – Wellness Products and Services

And of course, there is me, your favorite self-love pusher, serving you affirmation cards and coming in early 2020, coaching services! This holiday season you will have the choice of two different affirmation decks, bundles, and carrying cases. In 2020, I’m happy to announce that YettiSays will be expanding with coaching services, webinars, and customized affirmations.

But for now, just for you, you can get the first deck of Mission: Self-Love affirmation cards $5 off 11/30 to 12/3! And don’t forget, on December 6th you’ll be available to order your new RELOADED cards!


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