My Social Anxiety Story


I think this is pretty much self explanatory, but I was asked to elaborate on my social anxiety story, so why not do it within a video? Check out below and don't forget to join me on the #fckfears campaign! A few links you may want to check out before: My list of things to conquer How you can join My first update My second update Enjoy! … [Read more...]

#FckFears Update 2


Skydiving Host 2 Events Grocery Shop at the Grocery Store down the street Take a gym class at a very popular gym Travel on my own for the weekend Attend an afterwork event in NYC Pitch an idea Party TWICE in NYC Take a 30 minute walk at a park Make a Friend.   This past weekend I attended “Brunch, Bloggers and Books “ hosted by Twenties Unscripted in D.C.  Why did I choose to attend this event? Well for the panelist, the brunch and I have a mild writers crush … [Read more...]