By The Way, I’m In London!

It's the holiday season, so you know what that means. I'm in the UK till the new year. I'm going to do my best to vlog the trip AND blog, but until then, here's a video to tie you over! Happy Holidays lovelies, Phenomenal Yetti loves ya! ...

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My Social Anxiety Story

I think this is pretty much self explanatory, but I was asked to elaborate on my social anxiety story, so why not do it within a video? Check out below and don't forget to join me on the #fckfears campaign! A few links you may want to check out ...

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#FckFears Update 2

Skydiving Host 2 Events Grocery Shop at the Grocery Store down the street Take a gym class at a very popular gym Travel on my own for the weekend Attend an afterwork event in NYC Pitch an idea Party TWICE in NYC Take a 30 minute walk ...

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2 In 1 Make Up Routine So I tried my hand at a psuedo make up tutorial, not claiming to be guru, but what I do works wonders for me. Take a peek. Let me know what you think! ...

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25 Facts Tag

And just like that... I made it a little easier for you all to get to know me! Don't forget to let me know a fun fact about you :) ...

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Lipstick Fun For Dark Girls

I used to be one of those girls that shied away from a bright lipstick color... until my two best friends forced it upon me. Sometimes it really does complete your look! I know for ladies my skin tone it's sometimes a challenge finding lipsticks to ...

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