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Weigh In Weds: No Weigh In

No weigh in this week... since I am not home [ and I refuse to use a scale that is not my own ]. But I will be extremely truthful. I went to the gym, but on somedays I didn't eat at all and then other days... I'd eat everything. I've discovered... ...

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Weigh In Weds: Down we go

So I've kind of been going to the gym like a mad woman. Not because I am obsessing but because I've been bored and in a pretty terrible mood since early last week. Boredom and mood swings = eating, lots of eating, so before I fall back into bad ...

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Weigh In Weds: They’re Back

So as you saw from my previous post, one of my goals was to lose a few lbs.  And when I say a few I mean 20lbs exactly.  Upon arrival home from my vacation I did what any ex-chubbykin after a vacation would do: hopped on the damn scale. Do you know ...

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Live, Love, Life

[ Excuse the cliche post name, but it's all I can come up with right now. ] So much has been going on lately I haven't had the chance to share these crazy, sexy, cool experiences. I don't think I've ever been this stable, this content, and this ...

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Weight Loss Challenge? Let’s, Shall We?

It started with this challenge, followed by this challenge... and somewhere down the road.. TA-DA! I have recently gotten into a routine of going to the gym, YES YES IT IS TRUE. Here's some proof to your right. I've even brought some of my healthy ...

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Why I Want To Lose Weight

So as this week has flown by and I have struggled to maintain my diet and gym routine, I find myself and others constantly asking "Yetti why do you want to lose weight so badly?". My answer is always different every time I answer this question. It's ...

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