True Life: I’m A Bully

"You just do not belong here, or anywhere for that fact. I know it seems harsh, but reality is harsh. You pretend to be something you're not, comparing to people that have surpassed you both physically and mentally, just ask your ex... he's told you ...

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I Love ME (PART 2) : Meet Jessica

Second I Love ME Entry comes from Jessica, an unofficial part time twitter comedian. I came across Jessica's tumblr a few weeks back and I actually used pieces of one of her posts here. Her tumblr writings touch upon various topics (relationships, ...

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I Love ME (Part Two) : Meet Tiye

Hello and Happy Monday ! This round of the "I Love Me" Post Series features 4 gorgeous women that were willing to share their love for themselves with me and you guys. As always, I hope this post series inspires us all. This time around not only ...

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I Love Me: Meet Tara (Born This Weigh)

This is the last post of the I Love Me Series. Meet Tara. I secretly call her my "fit-blog" twin. This beauty started her weight loss journey a little while back and with all the turns of events happening in her quite so busy life she manages to stay ...

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