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Because I’m Drained

You're blogging on a Sunday? Yes. Yes I am. Because I'm uninspired. Because I'm grasping for energy. Because I'm lacking motivation. Because I'm so fucking drained, and have nothing to blame it on but, life. So I going to try my very hardest to ...

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Currently – 1/12

[Tweet "There is a blessing in everything. "] Time: 4:27AM Mood: Lazy Eating / Drinking: Nothing Listening to: Nothing. The cars and MTA buses driving up and down my street Missing: My family in London Wishing: 2015 didn't start off so damn ...

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This Is My Voice

I don’t blog for those who like to pretend that the world is happy and perfect. I don’t blog to show my peers that I am perfect. I’m not here to mask the impurities we find in today’s world. And most importantly, I’m not here to please the masses. ...

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Currently – 12/15

Time: 2:36AM Mood: Determined Eating / Drinking: Nothing! Listening to: Old school' Whitney Houston Missing: My little sister, my mini me Wishing: I planned things a little better, but tis life Should be doing: Sleeping, but I'm wide ...

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Currently – 12/8

Time: 6:32AM Mood: Happy Eating / Drinking: Pre-Workout... Gym time! Listening to: Nothing... Missing: My sanity... who goes to the gym this early?! Wishing: I could sleep, lay in bed and skip my job's Christmas Party. Woe is me, I have to ...

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