Currently 10/20

2014-10-20 02.24.48 1

Time: 5:45AM Mood: Groggy, why do I subject myself to this? Eating / Drinking: Drinking my pre-workout, Gym time in a few! Listening to: StarBoy – Caro Missing: The days where I made serious overtime money. Wishing: That I this venue would work with me a little better Doing: Flyer for my boo, Erica. She’s nominated y’all! Should be doing: Getting… 

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Currently – 3/24


m4s0n501 Mood: Excited! Eating: Fruitbowl, yum, yum. Solid foods! Drinking: Peppermint Tea, no honey! Look progress! Listening to: Jill Scott: Golden, listen to this in the morning. Good mood guaranteed friends. Missing: Nothing! Got everything I need! Wishing: I could get some down to finish my work… Doing: Work and even if I explained it, it wouldn’t make sense. Mobile app stuff!… 

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