Currently – 12/15


Time: 2:36AM Mood: Determined Eating / Drinking: Nothing! Listening to: Old school’ Whitney Houston Missing: My little sister, my mini me Wishing: I planned things a little better, but tis life Should be doing: Sleeping, but I’m wide awake… Reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Thinking: I made a good decision, a smart one even. Talking to: Nobody. Current affirmation: Haven’t looked for one… 

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Currently – 12/8

2014-12-08 08.56.07 1

Time: 6:32AM Mood: Happy Eating / Drinking: Pre-Workout… Gym time! Listening to: Nothing… Missing: My sanity… who goes to the gym this early?! Wishing: I could sleep, lay in bed and skip my job’s Christmas Party. Woe is me, I have to socialize… Should be doing: Putting on my shoes… leaving for le gym Reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz… 

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Currently 11/24 | Grin, Bear it & Then Reset


Time: 5:12PM Mood: Indifferent Eating / Drinking: Water. Apple Sauce Listening to: Dez – Underneath Me Missing: Sunshine + warm weather Wishing: I could pause Should be doing: Lord knows… Reading: Re-reading The Gifts of Imperfection for research. Thinking: When can I go home Talking to: Akudo + Maki Current affirmation: Everything is fine. Plotting:… 

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Reader Question: Insecurities, Social Anxiety & Choosing Happiness


Yetti, Ever since I came across your blog on Fromawildflower, I became a fan ever since. Like from a previous post you did, I too suffer from social anxiety and negative thinking. I’ve kept myself in a shell for a while. Allowing my life to pass me by. Half of it has to do with… 

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