Men Say Post Series: A Woman’s Role (P1)


A few weeks ago I reached out to a couple of men to get some feedback on a random conversation that took place in one of my group chats. The conversation of roles within a relationship sparked my interest in yet another segment of my post series, Men Think, Men Say... formally known as And So Men Think. Check out part one of the conversation with the guys, let me know your thoughts! Define what you think a woman's role and responsibilities should be within a relationship? Do you agree with the … [Read more...]

And So Men Think: Love


It's been more than full a year but I finally rounded up the guys for another round of And So Men Think. This time I picked the men's brain on their idea of love! Check it out! Do you believe men and women love differently? Eric: Yes, I'd suggest that women are much more naturally inclined to love purely, with their emotions. Not to say that men aren't capable of a similar execution, but it's definitely more natural to a woman, from what I observe. Wale: I do feel like men love differently. … [Read more...]

Post Series: I Love ME (Part 4) : Meet Sarah


Sarah, may be one of the few women that I have worked with and thought, "Damn it, I think I've met my match." Check out her entry below! Ice Breaker: Name: Sarah Age: 25 Occupation: PhD Student in Electrical Engineering Your Passion: Helping other people to excel Do you think you have great self-esteem? If yes, was there a time when you didn't and why? If no, why not? And what are you doing to work on it? Yes I think I have great self esteem, I love myself, but that … [Read more...]