Motivation Monday: Getting It Done

This was earlier in the day yesterday, but I managed to complete my entire to-do-list... which is something  I haven't done in a few weeks. The satisfaction I get from completing a to-do-list... is beyond amazing. I also only slept two hours ...

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Motivation Monday: Starting Over

Do you ever have those days where you struggle to find your routine? And you try to recreate everything that you would usually do? But everything still feels off, no matter how much you try? That's been me for the past two weeks. I can no longer ...

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Motivation Monday: I Am

So, on my not so lazy Sunday, I found myself watching Oprah's Life Class (Thanks Akudo). It was featuring Joel Osteen and was centered around his serman, "The Power of I Am".Basically, affirmations and changing our thought process. Now for the past ...

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