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Roconia’s Recap of Back 2 Basics!

"The question was accompanied by a silent red asterisk, marking it mandatory. “What is your biggest insecurity?” The asterisk was insistent; I could not purchase a ticket without answering the question. Fine. I mulled it over. There were times when I ...

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I Love Me: Meet Tara (Born This Weigh)

This is the last post of the I Love Me Series. Meet Tara. I secretly call her my "fit-blog" twin. This beauty started her weight loss journey a little while back and with all the turns of events happening in her quite so busy life she manages to stay ...

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I Love Me – Meet Quiana

So here we are with our first participant of the "I Love Me" post series! Meet Quiana, my verbally infectious, unintentionally comical friend from my twitter timeline. I asked Quiana to participate within this post series for the simple fact that I ...

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