You’re Pretty For a Dark-Skinned Chick


"Excuse me miss, can I have a second of your time?" It was early, my hair was not in a suitable style and my eyes were mascara-less. My first instinct was to ignore him. I wanted to shake my head 'no', and continue walking across Broadway towards my date: my 6:30AM personal training session. But instead, I remembered my best-friend's words of me not being approachable, and so I stopped and gave him the second that he had asked for. "You're absolutely gorgeous. A gorgeous dark-skinned … [Read more...]

5 Things Twitter Taught Me About Men


Thank my multiple group chats for this one! O1 | MEN GOSSIP I believe it was Diddy that coined the phrase "bitchassness" and it honestly is the only way to explain some of the events that occur in the land of Twitter... and sometimes outside. As I explained before, I sometimes view twitter as the internet version of a high-school cafeteria. It encompasses the various groups, not to mention the same drama drawn from the same tired topics constantly being discussed as if they were breaking … [Read more...]

Dear Ambitious Woman


This is for the woman clinging onto the corporate ladder: Don't be afraid to step into the spotlight or push deeper. Make suggestions, ask for that fucking raise and for heaven's sake, take credit for you work. EMBRACE the credit. Stop placing barriers around your goals and dreams because some fool has told you to (indirectly or directly). Stop adhering to societies bullshit standards, they no longer play an influence. We cut down our objectives, tailor them to something suitable and acceptable, … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Surviving Twitter High


Written 11/19/2012 (Helpful link: Twitter Glossary) I think it is fair to say that this is the time of social networks. I honestly do not know one person who does not have an account of some sort on a social network. I have aunts and uncles still sitting in my Facebook friend requests. Everyone is on this bandwagon. We had Myspace, the internet version of a sleazy nightclub, followed by Facebook, the internet barbeque or sometimes high-school reunion. LinkedIn is our internet office and … [Read more...]

Do We Choose Struggle?


[ Excuse the mess of this post, I needed to get a multidue of diferent thoughts out about this situation and couldn't find a way to do it eloquently ] "But you're 24, 25 correct? You don't have any real problems, except for maybe school loans and possibly getting married." This isn't the first time I've heard of this, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but last Thursday, I slightly snapped. There's always a constant battle of trying to establish myself within my position at my job. There's … [Read more...]

Stop Running Your Mouth


N ow this isn't a "blast" post, this isn't to pinpoint who's been talking about who. This is to express a pet-peeve I see friends, twitter 'personalities', and randomers do. This is a mini shout-out to myself to cut these certain habits, and an even bigger shout out to you all to expel this bullshit from your ways. Effective immediately. When I say "stop running your mouth", I'm referring to this trend of telling your mama, your friend's mama, your twitter timeline and facebook feed that you … [Read more...]