Our Worst Reviews

"Suddenly, I realized that the critique I was most afraid of wasn't Nina Kats, it was me. The truth is at any given moment. Someone, somewhere could be making a face about you. But it's the reviews you give yourself that matter." - Carrie ...

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Blogger Confessions – Dara

Last but not least is the "little sister" with the ambition of a certified powerhouse. Her lifestyle blog is the perfect combination of life lessons, beauty & style lessons and a window into her many different passions, one being coding. Meet ...

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Blogger Confessions – Kate

When I featured Kate during my second round of the Phenomenal You series, I fell in love with the way she shared her stories. She has mastered the perfect blend of wit and purpose, which you clearly see throughout her blog. What perfect about Kate ...

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Blogger Confessions – GG Renee

GG Renee is the ultimate Soulful Woman. Her mission to drive women towards self-discovery and owning and accepting their imperfections and experiences is something everyone should get on board with. What attracted me to GG's blog and movement was her ...

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Blogger Confessions – Tyece

She rants. She roars. But, mostly, she writes. Tyece is a force to be reckoned with here in these blogging streets, and I can completely understand why after meeting her last Ma,y and getting to experience her passion and drive in the flesh. This ...

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