Currently – 6/28

Time: 8:30AM Feeling: Good. Great. Relieved. Excited Eating / Drinking: Water. Listening to: Joe - Stutter Missing: Palm Beach Wishing: I could redo yesterday. Good day. Should be doing: A whole lot of shit for work. Boss is ...

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Currently – 6/22

Time: 11:30PM Feeling: Disappointed. Eating / Drinking: Nothing. Listening to: Power [ watching T.V ] Missing: My boobs from 2012. Wishing: I could control my appetite. I want to eat the damn fridge. Whole. Should be doing: Sleeping, early gym ...

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Currently – 6/15

  Time: 12:30PM Feeling: Sore Eating / Drinking: Water... Listening to: Conference calls Missing: Best friend. Deli where art thou!? Wishing: I could fast forward through this week. Should be ...

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Currently – 6/8

Time: 6:30AM Feeling: Blissful Eating / Drinking: Nothing Listening to: The T.V. - Real Housewives of NY Missing: My siblings. We had so much fun this weekend. Wishing: I could skip today at work... but, adulthood. Should be doing: Getting ...

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Clip From GG Renee's Site.

All The Many Layers Feature

GG Renee of All The Many Layers recently featured me in her Soulful Beauty post series. Be sure to check it out and of course her website and her offerings. She has gems, one on one coaching opportunities, and fosters a community of writing to heal. ...

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