Currently: 3/23

Time: 6:14PM Mood: Tired / Cheerful Eating / Drinking: Water Listening to: The-Dream Missing: Nothing Wishing: I had more time in the day, but tis life lol Should be doing: Returning these clothes to H&M. ...

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Faith Will Do That To You

Remember when I planned an event, promoted it like the second coming of Christ, and then didn’t execute it? Yeah me too, and I've been beating myself up about it ever since. Life happened.  Hell, life tumbled over and fucked me over three times ...

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Because I’m Drained

You're blogging on a Sunday? Yes. Yes I am. Because I'm uninspired. Because I'm grasping for energy. Because I'm lacking motivation. Because I'm so fucking drained, and have nothing to blame it on but, life. So I going to try my very hardest to ...

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Currently – 2/4

Time: 1:33PM Mood: Exhausted Eating / Drinking: Soda & Coffee. Yes at the same time. #Struggling Listening to: Speaker at company event. Missing: My bed, my pillow, my Flounder pillow. Wishing: I could go to sleep :(. Should be doing: ...

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Currently – 1/26

Time: 10:39AM Mood: ELATED Eating / Drinking: Carrot Sticks Listening to: NPR Podcast - Invisibilia Missing: Nothing... greasy food? Wishing: I could figure out this issue. Should be doing: Exactly what I'm doing! Reading: You Can Heal Your ...

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Currently – 1/12

[Tweet "There is a blessing in everything. "] Time: 4:27AM Mood: Lazy Eating / Drinking: Nothing Listening to: Nothing. The cars and MTA buses driving up and down my street Missing: My family in London Wishing: 2015 didn't start off so damn ...

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