Phenomenal You Series – Shanice

Meet Shanice!

Meet my first ever mentee. Shanice is the little sister I gained my freshman year of college, who just so happens to inspire me with every corporate world risk she takes. Understand why I have deemed her a phenomenal beauty down below!   Quick Tidbits: Name: Shanice Jones Age: 25 What’s your passion?: French Fries!… 

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Phenomenal You Series: Shannon


Today’s Phenomenal Beauty is Shannon, my old coworker turned friend friend, accountability buddy and sometimes mid-day therapist. We met within a leadership program, and bonded over wanting more for ourselves, health-wise. Shannon is one of the very few technical female friends I have, [#blackgirlswhocode] and she is also one of the few that has a good sense of self. Check out what she has to share!

Reader Question: Insecurities, Social Anxiety & Choosing Happiness


Yetti, Ever since I came across your blog on Fromawildflower, I became a fan ever since. Like from a previous post you did, I too suffer from social anxiety and negative thinking. I’ve kept myself in a shell for a while. Allowing my life to pass me by. Half of it has to do with… 

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