Where Are They Now? Phenomenal Tara

Our second feature is Tara. There are very few people you while blogging and still try to keep up with their lives. I stumbled upon Tara during my fitblogging days, and still find myself sometimes checking in to see how she is doing, and checking out ...

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Where Are They Now? Phenomenal Tiye

For this last week of the YS.com celebration month, I will be featuring my very first features on from And So She Writes / YS.com's Phenomenal You series. The PY series was the very first series I had ever put together for a blog. It's geared to ...

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Not Everyone Deserves A Piece Of You

I get criticized every time I take a twitter break. A groupme chat break. A slight disappearance but still available to my closest. A social media silence. I go off the grid, unannounced, pop in for a few, comment on a few things, promote the blog ...

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Phenomenal You Series – Mariel

Last but not least is Mariel, my friend of over 10 years, my voice of reason often through gmail, and one of the very few friends that has managed to grow with me. We've had a long distance friendship pretty much since we graduated high-school, yet ...

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