Our Worst Reviews

"Suddenly, I realized that the critique I was most afraid of wasn't Nina Kats, it was me. The truth is at any given moment. Someone, somewhere could be making a face about you. But it's the reviews you give yourself that matter." - Carrie ...

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Where Are They Now? Phenomenal Tara

Our second feature is Tara. There are very few people you while blogging and still try to keep up with their lives. I stumbled upon Tara during my fitblogging days, and still find myself sometimes checking in to see how she is doing, and checking out ...

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Where Are They Now? Phenomenal Tiye

For this last week of the YS.com celebration month, I will be featuring my very first features on from And So She Writes / YS.com's Phenomenal You series. The PY series was the very first series I had ever put together for a blog. It's geared to ...

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Not Everyone Deserves A Piece Of You

I get criticized every time I take a twitter break. A groupme chat break. A slight disappearance but still available to my closest. A social media silence. I go off the grid, unannounced, pop in for a few, comment on a few things, promote the blog ...

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