Phenomenal You Series: Meet Alexis


I first came across Alexis Belon’s website about nine or ten years ago when I first began blogging. There’s something about her posts and words that resonated with me that eagerly made me want to keep up with her musings. She has now expanded her means of sharing with the world from blogging to a YouTube channel! Check… 

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Phenomenal You Series: Meet Dara


I first came across “Love Darbie,” in 2012 when she posted her Guide to Thrifting. I actually think I found that post from Amber, our Phenomenal Beauty from this past Monday. Since then and through twitter, I’ve to regard Dara as the little sister, that’s not so little. Her ambition and drive is so refreshing…. 

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The Women Respond: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! Part 1


T his summer, took the Men Say’s Post series to the next level by discussing the topic I’ve avoided since 2011, sex. The men were honest, the men got straight to the point, and of course the men were so damn entertaining. But it was only right that allowed the women to respond to what… 

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