Day 11: Health Scare

I don't really like to discuss my health on the blog but I will reminisce on a friends health scare: A few weeks ago, a third of my trio underwent emergency surgery. The missed calls, the what's app messages, the text messages ... I almost had a ...

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Day 10: Defining Life Moment

The conversation began with a "Hey Yetti, how are things?", and ended with what I perceived at the time as a hard stop on my plans to move to New York. For months I had been applying to jobs, rewriting resumes and cover letters and saying prayers to ...

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Day 9 – Theme Song of My Life Jordan Sparks - One Step At A Time. I'm always in a rush to get to a certain state. I think the only thing I am unable to rush are my relationships & my mother. It's hard for me to remember to take ...

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Day 8 – Old / New City [Throwback]

I have a constant theme song. It's a mixture of sirens, taxi horns, Peggy from apartment 53, and the drunk guy that sings "Guantanamera" from his fire escape at 3:42am on Weds mornings. It's a combination of incredible street music, "Baby why you ...

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